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Kyle Blanton Ross is an active composer and performer focusing in the electroacoustic field. He graduated with a BFA in Multi-focus Music Technologies from California Institute of the Arts concentrating on creating custom controllers for custom software generating glitch/noise material.
Many of his works are collaborations with Artists from other fields such as Dancers, Animators and Film makers. Performances include group improvisations with acoustic players, solo computer performances, and Non computer based music.
His eclectic blend of of styles combining Digital Musique Concrete to old world stylings (using everyday sounds twisted with acoustic instruments, synthesizers, Robotics, ambience to jagged edged buffer butchery) is the kind of music that picks you up and makes you high, then bashes you into the ground and makes you cry, at which point it cradles you in its arms and sings a lullaby

Keep your eyes pealed for: Tears of the Moosechaser
and "4 cm Off Reality"